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Women's Health -
gynaecology, fertility, pregnancy, menopause

"A couple of months ago I experienced a miscarriage and bad break up.  Working with Sarah has helped me heal and open up my heart again.  My results have been phenomenal."


Sarah P

Whatever your situation or stage in life, evidence shows acupuncture is effective in treating women's health. I have personal experience of its help with polycystic ovary syndrome, fertility including several IVF cycles, pregnancy and now menopause! 

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GYNAECOLOGY - It's a good choice for period pain, irregular cycles, premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms as it affects hormonal balance and supports us holistically including symptoms such as pain, anxiety, sleep issues, hot flushes, ability to focus, changes in mood.   

FERTILITY - It supports natural and assisted fertility like IUI, IVF and ICSI.  If you're trying to conceive, I understand how it can feel like a lonely, physical and emotional rollercoaster regardless of how long you've been trying, which one of you is affected, if you have a known cause, or if it's 'unexplained'.   I support many women in their journey to become a mother whatever this may mean for them. I also work with men to support male factor infertility.

Much research indicates that acupuncture helps optimise your chances of conceiving and supports your emotional well-being.  It can be a huge personal support - your journey is likely to have ups and downs with a few curve balls thrown in and everyone's situation is different.

I work with you to look at your diet, lifestyle, cycle, tests etc.  I'm familiar with both NHS and local private assisted fertility clinics and their treatment protocols.  I offer personalised and flexible treatment designed to make you feel supported and available when you need it most.  Please give me a call, I am happy to discuss how treatment may help you.

PREGNANCY - Research supports the use of acupuncture in pregnancy for various associated symptoms including nausea, pains and aches, stress and anxiety, headaches, insomnia, depression, indigestion, constipation and pain during labour.  I practice gentle treatment during this special time with the aim of supporting women in body, mind and spirit and getting them ready for labour.  I offer INDUCTION acupuncture which has been shown to safely reduce the need for medical induction, exclusion criteria applies.

BREECH TREATMENT - Moxibustion treatment before 37 weeks of pregnancy (burning a dried herb close to the skin) above an acupuncture point on the fifth toe has been shown through studies to reduce the need for ECV (external cephalic version) and to reduce the number of caesarian sections with no reported side-effects for mothers or babies.  Please contact me for more information, exclusion criteria applies.

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Traditional Acupuncture and Fertility

MA BSc (Hons) Lic. Ac FEA MBAcC 




The Garden Clinic
107 Burley Lane  Quarndon Derbyshire DE22 5JR
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