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What my patients say...

I cannot recommend Sarah too highly.  She is a very professional and knowledgeable practitioner.  Those attributes go hand in hand with her understanding, kindness and compassion to those she treats.  Most importantly she is highly successful in her treatments which I thank her for every visit.  I was in a miserable place last year and in reaching out to her she has put me on the road to a happier life and much better health.  Acupuncture in my estimation, when administered well as in Sarah's case, is to be recommended wholly.  She is the first person I would go to for treatment in the knowledge that I would be in the most proficient, safest and excellent hands with a very successful outcome.


Sarah is lovely and friendly and very easy to talk to.  She is able to do acupuncture and also cupping which I haven't had before and have found very beneficial.  Having had acupuncture for many years with other acupuncturists, I am very happy with Sarah.  She is very professional and always talks through how she is going to treat me.



Thinking back to when I first met Sarah I was really struggling with my breathing.  It had been so bad that the hospital suspected I had a clot on my lung - which was pretty terrifying.  After lots of tests I was given the all clear but my struggle continued.  I was given an inhaler and diagnosed with asthma.  I am so pleased to report that after regular treatment with Sarah, I no longer have an inhaler or breathing problems!  Not only that, her treatments have improved all aspects of my physical and mental health.  Sarah is an absolutely fantastic practitioner.  She is incredibly gifted and has a wonderful way of putting together such gentle but powerful treatments.  Extremely professional, friendly, caring and welcoming.  I am a huge advocate of Five Element Acupuncture and it has become a big part of my life.



I went to see Sarah for help with Long COVID.  I was experiencing physical and cognitive fatigue.  Fortunately I have recovered from Long COVID but continue to see Sarah for general health and well-being holistic support.  Sarah's assessment and treatment is always compassionate and highly skilled.  I have seen significant benefits to my mental and physical health and look forward to every treatment.  Highly recommend.



Sarah is very thorough and always explains the treatment options and their benefits.  She listens carefully and tailors each session based on how I'm feeling and what I need most.  



I started seeing Sarah for treatment last year after undergoing tremendous personal issues. It wasn't something I had considered before but received a gift voucher for my birthday. She is very thorough and knowledgeable, highly professional and has a very empathetic and calm manner. I will continue with treatment even though the original issues have been resolved because it is continuing to help me with a busy and stressful life.

      Sarah W

I highly recommend acupuncture with Sarah.  She has a wealth of knowledge.  My results have been phenomenal, better than I even imagined!  A couple of months ago I experienced a miscarriage and bad break up; working with Sarah has helped me heal, open up my heart again and me and my body feel so good now.  She did an array of different points and weight loss acupuncture and I've already released 3lbs in one week but better than that it's felt easy and effortless!  I'd been wanting to for a long time but it felt a struggle, now it's happening in a beautiful way.  She really helped, listened and was a safe space to share as well as the amazing treatments.  I couldn't thank her enough for her energy and services.  Huge love Sarah.  Thank you so much, I hope everyone gets to experience it with you, the feelings and transformations are a million times worth it ❤️

Sarah P

Sarah offers a wonderful blend of professionalism, compassion and enthusiasm for her patients with this incredible medicine.  

I can't recommend her highly enough.  She is able to help with all manner of things such as migraines, fertility, long COVID, anxiety, menopause symptoms to name a few.

Katy - Final Year Clinical Supervisor

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